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Running Records Example
Persuasive Essay Plan: This organizer contains great details for high school students.
Tips for organizing and simplifying running records.  Grab a free and editable template for administering running records that can be used with any book.
Reading Record Cheat Sheet is a FREE quick one-page resource that helps you remember how to mark an error while reading one-on-one with your students. This also contains the percentages of accuracy for reading. {Independent, instructional, and frustration levels}Hope this helps!
The Eager Teacher: [Teachers Talking Tech] Running Records iPad App!
Collective nouns for animal groups
Individual Reading Record:  You can use this with any book and you do not need to know the word count ahead of time. Simply put a check mark in each box.  When all of the boxes are filled up, you have 100 words... % without the need of a calculator.  Use the bottom for a comprehension check.
Debbie's Resource Cupboard: Search results for stretch a sentence
The Fry Graph Readability Formula...determine grade level by number of words and syllables per sentence.