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did you know you can pick your candle jar lid for your BLACKETT & CO. candle👍🏻 choose between antiqued(featured), bronze and black🤗

BLACKETT & CO. customize your candle to your style by selecting from one of our three lid options. choose from black, antiqued or bronze.

BLACKETT & CO. our natural and unscented Pure soy candle 🙌🏻

BLACKETT & CO. fresh batch of Maritime Salt soy candles ⚓️ a cool blend of sea salt, tobacco and hyacinth🌸

BLACKETT & CO. candle making ritual underway✨melt, blend, pour🕯💛🕯

BLACKETT & CO. brighten up the last of these summer days with our blend of wintergreen and peppermint candle Minted

BLACKETT & CO. PURE natural and unscented Pure candle. for those who want to enjoy the ambiance of our clean burning candles without fragrance. |CORE COLLECTION|

BLACKETT & CO.'s PURE candle, natural and unscented.

BLACKETT & CO. rainy Sundays are perfect for burning your favourite candle and cozying up with a good read🌧or your laptop for some online shopping😇

BLACKETT & CO. fragrances not your thing, we've got you covered with our Pure soy candle.

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