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The full quote was - I'm training to be a wolf that just walks around. It makes sense though her mother trained her to howl at the moon when she was about 8 months old and she's done it ever since.

from Etsy

Dock to the Moon

Is this the most extraordinary human brain ever seen? by Rowan Hooper, newscientist: Photographer Adam Voorhes spent a year trying to track down more information about this and nearly 100 other human brains held in a collection at the University of Texas,

One of the sweetest sayings I’ve heard yet. David Sykes of Moncton, NB Canada was told this by his amazing daughter. Here is what he said about her quote:At bedtime my daughter would always try and outdo me when I said “I love you more than…” and one day she said “Daddy, I love you past the Moon and Mars and all the stars, where there’s nothing. I love you where there’s nothing.” And ever since that’s what she says every time because how...