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(EN) To an artificial mind, all reality is virtual. Noisy skeleton is an immersive and interactive installation that explores the link between sound, space and artificial intelligence. From complete control to accidental reaction, the spectactor is completly surrounded by abstracts visuals and digital soundscape echoed back by the machine. Establishing a real man/machine dialogue, the minimalistic aesthetic and vibrations create a both virtual and physical experience, permitting the user ...

Augmented Reality Sandbox, A Map That Uses a Microsoft Kinect to Let Users Shape Its Topography

Augmented Reality Sandbox.' This was a project created by UC Davis Department of Technology in conjunction with Microsoft Kinect. Users were able to manipulate the sand to alter the real-time interactive augmented map. The aim was to physically create topographic models and snapshot the creations with a computer for future science museums.

Eric Prydz's HOLO Brings Largest Hologram Ever to This Year's Ultra Music Festival

Eric Prydz's HOLO Brings Largest Hologram Ever to This Year's Ultra Music Festival | The Creators Project

Poplet: a tool for the iPad and web to capture and organize your ideas. It's an easy to use brain storming tool that allows you to share and edit as a group. Great for capturing ideas at the start of team

Covent Garden London Underground Station

Get an unlimited day pass, this will be the best way to get around London for this 24-hour adventure. Have a real map and a tube map handy and understanding how the lines interact and intersect will make your lives must easier. But real talk, do mind the gap, stand on the right of escalators and stay out of the way of busy commuters.