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Gut feeling: A personal intuition you get, especially when you feel something may not be right #Idiom #LearnEnglish

“Pull out all the stops” means “to do everything you can to achieve something”. Example: The airline certainly pulled out all the stops to impress us. Get our apps for learning English:

“The pot calling the kettle black” means “don’t criticize another person for a fault that you have yourself”. Example: You are accusing me of being lazy? Ha! That’s the pot calling the kettle black! Get our apps for learning English:

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“Pull the wool over someone’s eyes” means “to deceive someone”. Example: Don’t let insurance companies pull the wool over your eyes - ask for a list of all the hidden charges.

“Skeleton in the closet” is an embarrassing or unpleasant secret about something that happened in the past. Example: My uncle was in jail for a day once. That’s our family’s skeleton in the closet.

“Put your best foot forward” means “to do something as well as you can”. Example: Make sure you put your best foot forward for tonight’s performance.

“Pull the plug” means “to stop something from happening or continuing”. Example: The government pulled the plug on the plan to build a nuclear power plant. Get our apps for learning English:

“Like two peas in a pod” means “very similar”. Example: We were like two peas in a pod – we liked all the same things, and we did everything together.