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It’s the final day of #GameWeek! Kick off the day with this great #gamification infographic from Psychology of Play!

this helped me so much understand gamification and that is why I pinned it for week 3 and to always have it to look back to help me with my management of personnel in the job I am in now.

Infographic on classroom dynamics. Awesome overview to remind myself that I'm not crazy! #socialcausemarketing @travenemeyers #gamification

Gamification Roadmap [INFOGRAPHIC] (LearnDash)

Educational infographic & data visualisation Gamification Roadmap (LearnDash) Infographic Description Infographic on classroom dynamics. Awesome overview t

10 steps to design successful #gamification initiatives

10 steps to design successful gamification initiatives

5 Do’s and Don’ts of Gamification [Infographic]

Here is an infographic which highlights the dos and don’ts of gamification.

Via Jeroen Van Eeghem vond ik deze interessante infografiek hier. Handig omdat ik de drie begrippen te vaak door elkaar gebruikt hoor worden, klik op meer lezen voor de volledige versie.

Infografiek: wat is het verschil tussen games, game-based leren en gamification?

The Games vs Game-based Learning vs Gamification Infographic help organisations understand and appriciate the differences between these terms better.

9 Ways to Include Gamification in Learning Design Infographic - http://elearninginfographics.com/9-ways-to-include-gamification-in-learning-design/

9 modi per includere la gamification nell'apprendimento - Gamification is one of the hottest trends in Learning and Development this year. Here are 9 ways to include gamification in your learning design.

This infographic illustrates eight elements that make games for fun and engaging for learners

8 Game Elements to Make Learning Fun

This infographic illustrates 8 elements that make games for fun and engaging for learners.

The Business of Gamification Link on Game Mechanics: http://www.oecd.org/edu/ceri/39414829.pdf

Using Gamification to Engage Your Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]

Did you know that of Forbes’ Global 2000 have plans to use Gamification? Gamification has quickly become a super trend in marketing, customer engagement and employee retention.

Gamification Design Tips Infographic - http://elearninginfographics.com/gamification-design-tips-infographic/

With gamification you can drive engagement with your learners. But how do you design it? Here are 5 Gamification Design Tips Infographic to get you started.