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“Captions of Oz” were created by Alex Johnson (Digital Arts & Design, 2012 grad) in the Typography and Page Layout course. #WizardofOz

Wizard of Oz Teacher Appreciation Week. Cowardly Lion Courage Badge = York Peppermint Patty. 36ct full size 19.88 /Sams Club. I used the stickers/ribbons that came with the (Doctor of Thinkology) Certificate sheets. It is a set they sell at Office Depot. So basically a 2-in-1 !

Decor on the other side of the room. On the large chalkboard I wrote a different Wizard of Oz movie quote for each day. Each day also had a corresponding gift / theme. Day 1 (Monday) was "Follow your yellow brick road" We made a yellow brick road of Twinkies, leading up to our table top Emerald City. Also their is the spiral part yellow brick road on the other end with Rice Crispy treats on a red circle plate in a spiral design. And for something a little less sweet there is poppy seed…