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Photograph Untitled by Diggie Vitt on

Surreal Self-Portrait Photography By Flora Borsi

This woman has the option of freedom but choose to be caged, to take place for the bird. As free as the bird is, it stays with the woman. He uses the freedom the woman gave it, to stay by the woman. Surreal Self-Portrait Photography By Flora Borsi

Tadeuš Ruževič: "Smeh"

Tadeuš Ruževič: „Smeh“

rene magritte 'the therapist'

René Magritte, ‘The Healer (Le Thérapeute)’, 1937

"Society attacks early, when the individual is helpless." - B.F. Skinner,Walden Two, 1948 (Art by Mick Ryan) #writing #inspiration *

black and white caged with birds .

Imagen de art, bird, and drawing

oh hear the breath coming from my soul. Am I still alive?

In the cage there is food. Not much, but there is food. Outside are only great stretches of freedom. Nicanor Parra Bird Nightmare by Mick Ryan

the cage

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Caged of Angel Wings.

Saatchi Art Artist: Thomas Francisco; Digital 2010 Photography "Bird in a Cage"

Bird in a Cage

Photographer: Elizaveta SmekhWardrobe: Tornheim StudioMakeup/Model: Zhenya Merrick

Zhenya Merrick by me For Dark Beauty Magazine