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Lily, age 6, in the pre sunrise ocean… » El Hogan Photography #underwater #underwaterphotography #splwaterhousing #SPL #vsco #vscofilm

This filter works well with outdoors/plants photos! It's also good for theming too! GET THIS FILTER FOR FREE WITH THE LINK ON MY BIO. TUTORIAL ON @FILTERTEXTURE #vsco#vscocam#vscofilter

here's a beautiful blue pinkish filter that works excellent as a theme. If you were to use this on selfies, I would add some fade and fix the adjustments some so it would look right. ✨ - Feed meter: 7/10 Paid or free: Free

This filter is so pretty. And would actually look great for a theme. Works the best with outdoorsy/nature photos. For colors i would recommend pink, white, green, black, blue, purple and gray. Also a little something extra... you can add the Juno filter here on instagram and it adds a unique effect! Try it for something different! REQUESTED #gorgeousfiltera6 #gfacollection

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Articulation Cards: S, S Blends, and Z

Articulation Cards for S, S blends & Z Word, Phrase, Sentence & Sound Loaded Sentences Great practice idea for my speech therapy students

free filter❕#TK IS THE NEW VSCO FILTER GUYS AND YOU CAN DOWNLOAD IT FROM THE VSO STORE! this works for like all pics and its a good filter for a feed/theme as well

VSCOCAM This filter is slightly blue. It work well on almost everything and good for an indie feed. #vsco#vscocam#vscofilter

Greenish warm filter! Works well with everything!VSCOCAM Filter: H4+12| Contrast: +1| Saturation: -1| Temperature: +1

free filter❕bright summer filter!!! this is so pretty cool and kinda colorful but it's a gr8 filter for a theme/feed works for everything but try to take pics with good lighting as always — THANKYOU!!! GUYS BC 33k

VSCOCAM This filter is really nice. It works well with plant and blue pictures. GET ALL THE PAID FILTER FOR FREE WITH THE LINK ON MY BIO. TUTORIAL ON @filtertexture #vsco#vscocam#vscofilter