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: I cannot thank @thrivingonplants more for her recipes! I just made her pancakes and they were AMAZING!! I've always loved pancakes but I've never tried to make the vegan ones. I'm so happy because now I can eat pancakes whenever I want and it's so easy!! I suggest you to go to @thrivingonplants insta so you can go check out the pancakes recipes and more! by thefruitfreak

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The 104 Most Delish Summer Desserts

Fruit dutch baby. This makes me think of my mother in law and how much she would love this!

Choc Strawberry Protein Pancakes using my @slimsecrets Strawberry Indulgence Protein Pud with Chia as a topping and sandwiched between my pancakes. Then topped with some fresh strawberries I've seen some of my faves @ashybines and @chontelduncan eating these on Insta so they needed to be tried. I only used a Tbsp or so on my pancakes (I'll eat the rest later) but the whole tub only has 92 cals and 10.1g protein. They are also sweetened with stevia So thick and creamy. Yum! Recipe for…

Pancakes and a big glass of water for breakfast. These are some of the best pancakes I've made thanks to @jessieschiefer I tried her recipe and it's .com Just oats pumpkin egg whites and protein powder and then I topped mine with PB2 and SF syrup. Happy Saturday to me! #pancakes #pescience #selectprotein #macros #newfave #preworkout #breakfast #sogood by jodibowe

I've been experimenting with easy and quick breakfast recipes lately and this is a new favorite! "Omelet rollup with smoked turkey, cheese and veggies". You can prepare it the day before and eat it cold or warm (heat in the microwave). Ingredients 1 egg 3 egg whites Seasoning: thyme, oregano, sea salt, pepper ▶️Directions 1. In a bowl, whip eggs together with seasoning and a pinch of sea salt and pepper. 3. Set a nonstick skillet over medium-high heat. Pour in egg mixture and cook like a…