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Actually the best pancakes I've ever had! If only every Monday started off like this! by carly

If you think dairy-free waffles were the stuff of dreams, you will happy to know your dreams have come true!

Some make pancakes at 8am and others put on sparkle ;) I should be changing into gym clothes but I got distracted thinking about my day and then my night. I've got a party to go to and think my new gold chain skirt is perfect! If I get my ass to work in time I'll get organized cuz I think I have a few more of these for you !!! CAIRO gold chain mini. You're welcome

I've been waiting to have these @p28foods pancakes with @stevepfiester for months!!! Been a good girl waiting for him to be off his diet so he could join me. SO WORTH IT!!!!! #p28foods #proteinpantry #vitaminshoppe #breakfast by bonniepfiester

A well-written book. One got a sense of living in a small, quaint town in Vermont. Lily was a bit snotty, with somewhat of a type A personality, and it was nice to see her metamorphosis throughout the story, to become a more relaxed, likeable person. Rick had his issues, but he was also almost perfect. He and Lily came across as real adult people! The sex and emotional aspects between the two main characters were expressed very well...and there was no insta-sex - hurray!

Because home is where the heart is. Brother and sister reunion at @thelobby_hotelv talking the sunny day away while enjoying the most delightful pancakes I've ever had. #foodhappiness #thelobbyamsterdam by eleonoragalasso

Do these not look absolutely AMAZING?! Would you guess that this is a super healthy breakfast?! I found these ok @deniceemoberg Instagram page. She has SO many inspirational photos recipes and advice on both her insta feed and on her blog. Go check her out. For now I'm going to create something like this for myself to help me fuel my workout today!! Let Day 1 of my 10 Day Summer Shred begin!! #10DaySummerShred #SummerShred #BikiniReady #ProteinPancakes #FoodPorn #HealthyFoodPorn #EatClean…

I've been craving pancakes since 8am this morning so I made some when I came in this evening. Makes up for the fact I can't currently feel my shoulders