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Crime and Punishment || Mino-dono

And allowing is trusting that everything is unfolding perfectly for me 😊

If you don't take life for how it truly is then you are only fooling yourself. You cant be happy in a fake world or by avoiding your problems instead of facing them. If you remain in that false reality you'll only find sorrow. Only in reality can you find peace and joy.

oh, but the HOPE of having a future with you is the MOST UPLIFTING feeling I know... FeY

WEBSTA @ the.imperfectly.perfect - The wrong person wakes us up and brings us back to reality. Love doesn't hurt, love doesn’t lie, love doesn’t cheat. Love makes you feel secure, cherished, and brings out the best in you. When the right person comes along, you will feel the flow of love into every fiber of your being. That’s love. No confusions, no questions, no doubts- just an ecstasy of happiness. ❤️ #motivation #quote #lifequote #quoteoftheday #qotd #dailyquotes #instaquote #realktalk #t

Not true! People with multiple personalities are living proof! One personality may have to wear eye glasses or even have a physical scar that another personality does not. The change is instantaneous!

Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head, to Sit down and shut up.