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ICDS 2013: The Celiac Iceberg Revisited

Recap of Non Celiac Gluten Sensitivity ICDS Pre-Conference 9.22.2013

So you just found out that you have Celiac Disease….now what? Tips for those newly diagnosed with Celiac.

Updates on Celiac Disease Screening and Testing from the 2013 International Celiac Disease Symposium

The Patient Celiac: a website for mothers with Celiac Disease and mothers of children with Celiac Disease

Unsafe Foods List- gluten intolerance, celiac, gluten allergy. Really this should just say "everything you love." And then you can just cry

Celiac Disease Symptoms - please share & spread Celiac Awareness!

Oh, you're on a gluten free diet because you think it's trendy and healthy? I suffer from Celiac disease and I will shit on your diet. Literally.

Gut bacteria influence absorption of dietary fats, says new research. Some gut microbes increase the absorption of dietary fats, allowing the host organism to extract more calories from the same amount of food.