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The black-capped chickadee (Parus atricapillus) is a distinctive species, in terms of both its shape and colour. This species appears rather spherical as a result of its somewhat over-sized round...

Bottlenose dolphin breaching at Chanonry point, Black-isle, Scotland. Picture taken from the shore. photo ally kemp

The ARKAN SONNEY is a fairy pig of Manx folklore. Also called ‘Lucky Piggy’ in English, it is usually described as white with red ears, like many Celtic supernatural animals. It can alter its size, but apparently not its shape. It is thought to bring luck, but is difficult to catch. It is often identified with the hedgehog.

These mittens have the same shape as the traditional Norwegian Selbu mittens. The size of the mittens is adjustable by knitting them in a smaller or bigger gauge.