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Love this song, just so peaceful, its the perfect song to listen to when you're bored! lyrics: I'm a new soul I came to this strange world Hoping I could lea...

Then you keep going to try not to look bad but it ends up failing anyway

During the assessment phase, psychopaths interact closely w/ their targets to see what makes them tick. They ask probing questions, to discover their unfulfilled needs and weaknesses. They also commonly lure their targets w/ promises to offer them whatever’s been missing from their lives. If you’re recovering from a recent divorce, they offer you friendship and an exciting new romantic relationship….cont'd

I have a strong bond with my family..we don't "fake love" each other, we're not jealous of one another, we don't hate on each other, and we absolutely DO NOT disrespect each other. It's all wholesomely dysfunctional LOVE!

Maybe some day you'll really be the person you're trying to get everyone on Facebook to believe you are.

"Hmm, again, enough said. Funny how quick some people call others fake... It's like them saying to you, "you have a booger in your nose," while they have snot dripping down their face. Ironic" More

rhi this just means you are a true more then that thhough, you're my sister <3

Wound makeup tutorial.

Wound makeup tutorial.

Great Halloween/ carnaval idea! to make yourself look like a rotten zombie

People who lie. Whoa man is this true to form? Tell the truth of a liar and you're bound to "step on their toes"