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Adblock Plus Paid by Google, Other Websites Not to Block Ads http://www.opposingviews.com/i/technology/internet/adblock-plus-paid-google-other-websites-not-block-ads

10.8.16 -Dem pres candidate Hillary Clinton admitted she takes two positions on policy issues. One in private — ostensibly, the “real” position and one for the public — according to a damaging email leak released on Friday by Wikileaks that included clips of Clinton’s paid speeches to Wall Street banks and other organizations. My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders. Wikileaks released emails reportedly from John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton campaig...

US, world powers reportedly agreed 'in secret' to exemptions for Iran after nuke deal | Fox News

Facebook Live: Where a YouTube star can earn like an Olympic icon - CNET YouTuber PewDiePie made almost as much as Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt in 2015. Getty A clamoring mob is a clamoring mob regardless of whos at the center of the throng. Thats the lesson companies like Facebook are learning about internet celebrities. Is Swedish YouTube personality PewDiePie on par with Brad Pitt? In a…

After 13 Years Of Fighting For Wall Street, Eric Cantor Will Make Millions At An Investment Bank~This week, Cantor announced that he will be joining a Wall Street investment bank as its new vice chairman. The deal reportedly includes a $1.4 million signing bonus and at least a $2 million annual compensation package.

Spotify might make some music available only to paid users Spotify has roughly 80 million active monthly users 20 million of whom pay and 60 million of whom enjoy the music for free and listen to ads. The company has always maintained that all of its users would have access to the same catalog of music. NowThe Wall Street Journal is reporting that Spotify will test a new approach allowing artists to withhold certain albums from free users. Earlier this year Spotify had a verypublic spat with…

Larry King was arrested in Miami on December 20, 1971 on charges of grand larceny stemming from a deal he had made with Louis Wolfson, a Wall Street financier and a major thoroughbred race horse owner and breeder. Wolfson was convicted of selling unregistered stock in 1968 and the cable TV talk show host reportedly promised to overturn Wolfson’s conviction by arranging a special investigation with incoming US Attorney General John Mitchell. It’s also reported that Wolfson had paid...

Google reportedly paying a substantial fee to be the default search engine on Apple devices with a $ 1 billion paid stating. Read full article : http://itechsources.com/google-pays-off-1-billion-apple/

Baltimore Spends $585,000 on Study of How to Save Money http://www.opposingviews.com/i/money/recession/baltimore-spends-585000-study-how-save-money

Get this.... Mariah Carey in 'Serious Talks' To Be American Idol Judge - Perhaps then I will watch the show.

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