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Japanese Daikon Carrot Salad Recipe -


Japanese Rice Bowl Recipe

Japanese Rice Bowl


Japanese Noodle Soup Recipe

Japanese Noodle Soup


Squid Salad or Octopus Salad - Japanese Style

You could either use squid or octopus for this salad, I have trouble finding octopus most times so I used squid. I normally buy my squid/octopus already cleaned and gutted. If your squid/octopus needs to be clean then remove the guts (discard) and legs from the body and rinse. Cut off the tips on the legs and discard, then chop the remaining leg pieces and body into bite-size chunks. Original recipe comes from ‘Harumi’s Japanese Home Cooking’ by Harumi Kurihara but I have twinkled with ...

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Japanese Pickled Cucumber

yum (marinierte Gurke)

Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き), The Savory Japanese Pancake by saralynpaige: This ultimate savory pancake! Once you know the basic recipe you can make over 100 different tweaks daily. An easy, healthy, vegan version. #Pancake #Okonomiyak #Japanese_Pancake #saralynpaige

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Shoyuzuke Kyuri (Soy Sauce - Vinegar Pickled Cucumbers)

Shoyuzuke Kyuri is a Japanese side dish of cucumbers marinated in soy sauce and vinegar. This is one type of tsukemono, or pickled vegetable, in Japanese cuisine.

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Konbu Cured Bream (Tai no Kobujime)

Kobujime is an ancient Japanese method of preserving fish by curing it between layers of konbu, which infuses it with umami.