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Lucha luchaaaaa by Carlos Cordova, via Behance

This makes no sense but so much sense.<<< It's nightvale, that's about as accurate as you get.

Three of my favourite fandoms. Yes. Just yes.

The Night Vale Before Christmas by launchycat |

Welcome to Night Vale fans are all former Night Vale residents that have been kidnapped and reprogrammed to remember a normal life by Strexcorp. The reason Night Vale fans are attracted to the show is because the show is set to attract all of its missing residents. Cecil and Carlos are planning your rescue as you read this.

I like to think Carlos talks about Cecil a lot to the giant masked army (when he’s not busy sciencing, that is)

Tom Hiddleston as Cecil Baldwin. (Only pinning this because it's the best cosplay I've seen yet!)

I cannot stop pinning the Cecil X Carlos stuff sorry not sorry

from BuzzFeed

Which Citizen Of Night Vale Are You?

Night Vale old women josie