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DON'T HOLD BACK // this is the perfect quote for staring this new year. Share your magic. (RG @thebodybook)

Just one more reason becoming a mermaid is our New Year's resolution.Now I just need to decide what color of tail to get from!

I have two cats, and I still find this post relatable. They just loooove chewing plastic.

Ilvermorny Houses. I took the Ilvermorny sorting quiz and got Horned Serpent. Really proud, cause it's a very good house. Now I'm a Hufflepent/ Serpuff

how Fantastic Beasts should end xD (in which they continue the series by making movies about the Marauders)

Warm - Pre Fall 2017

Warm - Pre Fall 2017

Oversized knitted turtleneck sweater

P I N T E R E S T @melodye10💠✨