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from The Noshery

Pastelón (Sweet Plaintain “Lasagna”)

Pastelon (otherwise known as Puerto Rican Lasagna) by The Noshery...I made this dish after seeing it on Diners, Drive Ins and's do die for! Labor intensive but worth the work. I'm dying to try and make it using ground chicken & chicken chorizo since I no longer eat beef. Enjoy!!

from Sharoni Rocks!

Rellenos de Papa

Puerto Rican Food, papas rellenos! my favorite!!.. Just recently made these and then my deep fryer broke >:/

Sorullitos De Maiz 1¼ cups corn meal 1 tsp. salt 1 tsp. sugar 2 cups water 1 cup shredded cheese (in Puerto Rico they use Queso de Bola)

from Food & Wine

Arroz con Pollo (Puerto Rican Rice with Chicken)

Arroz con Pollo (Puerto Rican Rice with Chicken) | This easy Puerto Rican rice recipe with bone-in chicken serves six and is ready in less than an hour.

from Food

A 4-Step Recipe for Perfect Pasteles

Pasteles are wrapped green banana stuffed meat pastries, traditionally served at Christmas time in Puerto Rico.

from Foodie Zoolee

How to make yummy, fluffy, Puerto Rican white rice

How to cook fluffy white rice - Puerto Rico style AND how to fix it if you've messed up! -- Read full post at

from The Noshery


...Alcapurrias.....! Heavenly Puerto Rican cuisine!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You'll love this Caribbean pastelón, fried plantain lasagna

You HAVE to try this Caribbean pastelón, fried plantain lasagna. It's out-of-this-world delicious!

from Chowhound

Mmm Recipes: Puerto Rican Quesitos

Puerto Rican Quesitos 1 puff pastry sheet package (specifically, 1 sheet) 8 oz cream cheese, softened 3 Tbs sugar (more or less, to taste) 1 tsp vanilla (more or less, to taste) 1/4 cup light corn syrup (more or less, to taste) Egg white of 1 egg