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Space History Photo: Gemini 6 view of Gemini 7 during rendezvous maneuvers on Dec. 15, 1965.

'But, where's the Milky Way?' Please don't forget star gazing. I'd twirl my hair until u would slide your hand over and touch my fingers.

NASA selected Astronaut L. Gordon Cooper in 1959 as one of the 7 astronauts for their Mercury Project. In 1 1/2 days, the Faith 7 spacecraft orbited the Earth 22 times. (photo: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Collection)

This ominous vast metallic structure is the inners of the gigantic liquid oxygen tank that forms part of stage 1 of a Saturn V Rocket, as used in NASA’s Apollo and Skylab projects.

December 15, 1965 — The Gemini 7 spacecraft seen from the hatch window of the Gemini 6 spacecraft during rendezvous maneuvers about 160 miles above the Earth. (NASA)