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Digital footprint idea. Have kids make word clouds of all the sites and social networks they access.

nice way to teach keyboarding...back when I was a kid this was called "typing"

Word chart! For my writing resource group! We have been working on using more complex verbs and adjectives to describe our experiences!

5 Excellent Videos to Teach Your Students about Digital Citizenship ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

from Elementary Adventures

Brain Breaks in the Classroom

Brain Breaks in the Classroom: Check out these 4 easy Brain Breaks for kids in elementary and middle school. These are great for classroom management!

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Last Teaching Tip Tuesday!

I think a lot of people should think before they use social media, don't you?

Love the idea of a quote above the door for kids to read everyday as they leave class.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Computer Lab Posters

Computer Lab Posters More

King School Library: Typing Games amazing site! Need this as testing goes online!

Question flags for computer labs! Using speech bubbles, Popsicle sticks, Velcro, and hot glue, these question flags velcro'd to the side of the monitor help to ease the anxiety of student questions in the computer lab. When students have a question, they turn their flag up. Once their question is answered or they figure it out, flag goes down. Also, helps teacher gage how well students are grasping the lesson by how many flags are up. This has really helped my classroom management!