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(In reaction to the direction the dictator-in-chief & the liberal dems have taken & continue to take this once great country.) After Ohio Bakery’s ‘Politically Incorrect’ Front-Door Sign Goes Viral, Staffers Describe How Customers Have Reacted. Staffers manning the Sunday evening crowd said that not only is the sign still affixed to the front door, but also business has doubled.

I love it when Barry says "everyone agrees, most folks think I did a pretty good job", BUT facts and reality show that most folks, including a PEW research poll, indicate the country is headed in the wrong direction, and that most 2012 voters casting their ballot for BO, regret that decision.

All of you "glitter farters and rainbow poopers, back to reality bitches!

A talent head and shoulders above the crowd of experts in her field. A job well done, God's Speed going forward !

History folks// Oh, how funny and awkward for the idiot liberals.

This will make employees work over for FREEEE!!! For the company that is! But hey mo money mo problems right?! Wth is wrong with the GOPuppets?!?! PS if that seems like a salary high enough to lose overtime to you, you may live under a rock or in a cave. Welcome to the interweb.

The most hated term "politically correct", I will say what I want to say, damned if you don't like it! So sick of "politically correct" this and that -pinner