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Explore Radio Raheem, My 80S and more!

Radio Raheem lives in Cleveland? I just took this pic at Walmart. Lol. 80s Retro

Computer help for seniors. Hi my name is Joe, my Mom lived in a Seniors mobile home park in El Cajon for years. Mom was in her mid 80's and often needed help to fix or do things on her computer and I realized that there were many other Seniors in her park that just needed some simple help to assist them in getting the junk off their computers and working right again so I created this site to do some simple tasks that should get your computer working again for FREE!

The top 80s Fashion Trends and 80's costumes for Halloween

I didn't have one, but I saw the show on Friends many times with Rachel and Ross fighting, he was taking the shirt back cause it was his, but she always wore it as it was her favorite night shirt. If I remember right he ended up returning it for her to find at her place.

Molly: If we focus less on the unitards, this picture shows three great examples of 1980s makeup. It was, after all, an advertisement for Revlon.

Melamine cabinets! Do u have the plastic covered cabinets? Don't buy expensive "cabinet paint"...just peel the white plastic off and underneath is MDF. Paintable with regular ole latex paint! Get it started with a razor along an edge....and it will peel right off!

How can you say hairstyles in the 80's weren't rad. Tease it, curl it, perm it...the bigger the hair the better.