Explore Park Today, I M Dying and more!

I saw a random girl crying at the park today. So I walked over to the flowery bushes, picked a bouquet, and left it on the bench next to her with a note that said "never, ever, ever give up."

I randomly walked around a park today and gave people roses in an attempt to help get over my social anxiety. And it actually went really well!

Harris Reid on Instagram: “Nothing particularly exciting today friends. Just me, sitting on a random doorstep, watching a delivery man who's parked alongside us while…”

I got Excited! Can We Guess Your Current Emotion Based On Random Questions? That is correct. I am really excited about my 12th Birthday, that is coming up in September. CORRECT!!!!

We think this is a great trick on the ride but we particularly like the guy on the left wearing the ' Fresh Prince of Bel Air' t-shirt. Description from huffingtonpost.co.uk. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Sydney Park Verified account ‏@iamsydneypark Being a part of the #WomensMarchLA today was incredible. Seeing all walks of life coming together brought tears to my eyes! #WeWontStop

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