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The adventures of Kaiya don't always end well. I'm just glad this one wasn't resulting in a trip to the hospital! She did love shopping and looking at pretty clothes and buying diapers while Timmy was at preschool. And Timmy and Kaiya got to have a Google Hangout session with Uncle Brian while they ate lunch! YUM! Subscribe & Share! Previous Vlog G E T T O K N O W U S ! ! ! MEET THE YANDOWS…

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WD My Net N900 2TB Dual-Band Storage Router

WD My Net N900 Central Router/2TB Storage Wow,I'm Glad someone finally did this. Western Digital, Whom I trust for hard drives, has made a top of the line router + network storage. How cool is that. Now there is one less thing to setup externally. There is no need to use USB, which is not best when you start using 1TB+ of storage. There is, however, still a USB port for extra storage or a printer. (Currently $270 at

Hey! I'm Eryn founder of Eagle Mouse. I help creative business owners with marketing and business strategy. I also love self-imposed creative challenges. So here's a quick A->Z about me: We must have something in common so pick a letter and start a conversation.... A: Authentic - this might be a dumb idea to do an alphabet intro but it's so me that I can't help myself B: Boston Terriers - Own one? You're my friend... C: #butfirstcoffee D: "It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to…

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Filled the left page that was blank and had no things to do with the alphabet and each letter in the shape of something that starts with the letter. (A apple, B bear, C caterpillar, D duck, E elephant, F feathers, G giraffe, H horse, I ice, J jack in the box, K kites, L lion, M monkey, N noodle, O octopus, P peacock, Q quail, R rainbow, S snake, T tiger, U unicorn, V vine, W water, X x-ray, Y yellow, & Z zebra) i want to do this on flash cards and put in my daughters room. Right side tear…