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You’re consciousness will split off to try to protect you, and will create this little voice that argues with everything, because it is just trying to keep you safe from something that you believe is trying to hurt you. ” -David Wood

Αν ήσουν άραγε ένας Πικάσο, ένας Νταλί, μία Κάλλας δε θα επεδίωκες το αριστούργημα; #self_improvement # coaching #self_confident #happiness #positive_thinking #eutuxias #life # live #love-life

23 Words Mispronounced By Singaporeans Their Whole Lives - Travel, Food & Lifestyle Blog - TheSmartLocal

Perspicacious meaning - [pur-spi-key-shuh s] having a ready insight into and understanding of things. "perspicacious eye for antique finds"

Australia has accepted Christians suffering from persecution in Syria. Here's what the world can learn from Syrian Christians.