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TANAGRA GREEK FIGURE OF EROS, ca. 3rd-2nd century BC. The young God of Love depicted naked in an animated pose, his right leg forward and hands outstretched, head turned to the left with a mischievous smile. 5 inches. Repair. Remains of red pigment on the hair and white on the wings. A wonderful example of the Hellenistic genius for capturing naturalistic poses portraying the human body in action.

Nymph trying to escape from a satyr Roman 2nd century CE copy of 2nd or 1st century BCE Greek original

Marble head of Epikouros, 2nd century A.D.. Roman.

Basalt statue of Aphrodite - Imperial, late 1st–early 2nd century A.D Roman

Parthian terracotta head of a man, circa 1st-2nd century CE

Head of Mars Roman God of War probably a copy of statue of Ares by 4th century Greek sculptor Leochares Marble 2nd century CE

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Modern Roger Bezombes Figural Bronze Hand Paperweight Sculpture

Modern Roger Bezombes Figural Bronze Hand

Reliquary Hand, French. 13th Century. Copper, silver plated.

Sandaled foot, Augustan, late 1st century B.C.–early 1st century A.D. Roman Ivory

Statue of Pan, 1st century A.D. Roman Marble