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Noah and Friends .. How could you resist making this fun new design from Kookaburra Cottage featuring Noah and his Friends. Patterns includes Noah and his ark, a cute monkey, giraffe, elephant, zebra, lion, crocodile, hippo and the sweetest kangaroo! The set is made up of 10 patterns.

Plush Monkey is as special as they come. From the BambooZoo collection, featuring an irresistible menagerie in ice cream colors and silky soft fabrics. He has slightly weighted tush & toes, so he can sit up and play. Pistachio Green Plush Monkey is a cute chimp, with little ears to tug and long arms to hug ~Velour made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified bamboo viscose

Our most popular gift over the last month for kids. Everyone is still crazy about Sock Monkeys!! This package brings together past and present by reviving your memories with retro themed sock monkeys to share with a new little monkey in your life. We have included a cuddly throw blanket along with a small stuffed monkey and a cute little monkey inspired onsie and hat. The package wouldn’t be complete without the monkey’s favourite treat: a banana themed toy. This package…

How cute are these little guys? This adorable set of happy Jungle Animals will brighten up any project in no time! This set includes 17 professionally made PNG cliparts (and vector files too) in my fun Natural color theme. Includes an elephant clipart, hippo clipart, zebra clipart, giraffe clipart, lion clipart, crocodile clipart, snake clipart, parrot clipart, and 2 monkey cliparts. Also includes a butterfly, snail, tree, vines, flower and 2 tropical leaves.

This great Inflatable Big Foot Monkey is perfect for a jungle / zoo animal themed bedroom or birthday party and also makes an excellent garden or pool toy. To inflate the monkey; simply blow up via the mouth piece and watch him take shape! Made of durable rubber with high quality print throughout. Comes with a loop to hang as a cool bedroom decoration. Features large ears and feet with a cute curly tail! Choose from four different colours - pink, purple, green or blue.

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Orphan orangutan who just wants a Mummy

Monkey business: The 12-week-old orangutan snuggles up close to carer Kate Diver, who wears a specially-made orange jacket with tassels that mimic orangutan fur so he learns how to hold on to his new mother tightly

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Heartwarming pictures of the baby monkey which made friends with a TIGER

Give us a cuddle: Baby rhesus macaque Taoqi cosies up to a young tiger cub at a zoo in Hefei, China