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Hunger Games Clothing Line Capitol Couture Launching on

Yup it's happened. There will officially be a "Hunger Games" inspired clothing line. It willed be called "Capitol Couture". This article claims that it wont be a replica of the avant garde ridiculous outfits from the movie but will incorporate different aspects of them and streamline for their target market. Natalie E.


Effie Trinket Gone Wild: Her Crazy, High ‘Hunger Games’ Fashion

Effie in this scene broke away from the ways of the Capitol for just once and saw that these Games are wrong and what she does isn't right. But more importantly, she saw that Katniss and Peeta don't deserve this. She had compassion and sorrow for them.

District inspired fashion - District 9 #hungergames #catchingfire Patterned jackets echo billowing fields of grain. Stitched from natural plant fibers, this look harvests more than just its inspiration from the fields of D9.