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Yeah it's because this is the year of all those ironic depression and suicide memes becoming a reality I guess?? Everyone hates 2016 tbh

Guys this is just wrong... I know some people don't fully support gay rights but this is just outrageous. Everyone should rejoin this. Pinterest | @givememynameplx

Steve Rogers quits being Captain America, and then the real America dies. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

This picture is ironic and highly, painfully relatable to us...

Isn’t it funny when people ask me for my opinion they typically can’t take it? Isn’t it sad that when I get emotionally slutty people flee in fear of my inner intensity? How crazy is it that I could go an hour staring away from you and notice every move you make? Isn’t it baffling that all those who've tried to understand me eventually gave up? And isn’t it ironic that every single one of them, and you, will think of me again; over and over again. INFJ refuge

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