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When Strange is driving his car, one of the cases suggested to him was a 35-year old Air Force pilot with a crushed spine from experimental technology.... I'll bet anything that was a Rhodey reference

I just REALLY liked the subtle ways Ben portrayed emotions on Stephen's face. It's just...he's SUCH a great actor! I LOVE him.

David Tennant Fans vs. Jessica Jones

THIS WAS LITTELARELY THE POST THAT MADE ME WATCH JESSICA JONES. I was just like "David Tennant as a murderous sociopath? How hot would that be amiright (;" omg. And now i basically have the same thoughts as that blonde girl in this pic

Don't you ruin my happy thoughts

I'll take a Benedict Cumberbatch, a Martin Freeman, the whole of Doctor Who, and a Tom Hiddleston *proceeds to rant and cry about how they've ruined my life*