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Sometimes I question peoples ability to function as adults

Yeah... Then, when you don't think they're going to come and put something random, THEY COME!! wtf?

Haha oh god! I did this SO much in middle school and high school.<<it's happened to me -.-<<hasn't happenned to me, but its still funny

Or the blue shell right before you cross the finish line....always awesome.

Every time. That evil banana peel gets me everytime on mario kart!

Haha, except then she would kill me.

well, not so much when I hear my mom talking about me on the phone; more so when people are talking about me in my presence lol

Ah good sir, it is time for a new diaper

A hilarious pic of a posh baby who is a real sir! Ah good sir! I do believe I have just shat in my pantaloons.