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FREE!! I use this sheet as part of my behavior plan during times when students struggle with self-control. Perfect for when students argue with each other, come back from recess upset about an issue and can’t quite move on, or when someone just is feeling overwhelmed.

Flexible Classrooms: Providing the Learning Environment That Kids Need

At Albemarle County Public Schools, flexible classrooms empower student choice, increase student engagement, and improve student participation. Albemarle Cou...

How I Became a More Positive Teacher

Amy was tired of spending all of her energy on the negative behaviors in her classroom. That's when she decided to change her own behaviors.

The students can help create this poster of ways they should act in the classroom or act toward others. This will be hung up in the classroom and students will know what is expected from them.

FREEBIE!!! - With the popularity of Kid President’s Pep Talk video, I showed it to my class, discussed what makes us awesome, how we can be awesome, & how we could advise someone else to be awesome. We had some great discussion, which, led students to some great thoughts beyond themselves and towards others. This made a great character education moment. This can be used individually, to share with each other how to be awesome. You can find the video here: