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I realize i have that same crown pen :ooo lolz

you'll never know, dear, how much I love you; please don't take my sunshine away.

pinklikeme: “I ran home and drew this on my lunchbreak because I felt like my world would explode if I didn’t. Thanks, Carrie Fisher, for teaching me that girls like us can be princesses, generals, or whatever we want to be. #RIPCarrie ”

Yurio by Fishiebug on DeviantArt

Oh my fucking universe!! Give me the black one and you will be a duo fighter with me! " Okay Mabel!" *stands for a while and finds out what just happened. " Oh my god!" "what's it Mabel?" " You just gave me your sword!" "Yeah what is wrong with that?" "nothing but Kirito?" "yeah?" "LET ME LOVE YOU TILL YOU DIE!"

RM is a beautiful creature. Tmw you can make a song reference to his part in a song to prove how beautiful he is-

Most people learn love from their parents, or families, I learned mine despite my parents, but show them the love I've learned, because maybe no one taught them. Be patient with the hurt you feel, someone else may feel it to