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another way to do it faux watercolor effects mit Photoshop

These are a Few of My Favorite Watercolor Text Effects From Around the Web. Learn to Make Your own Faux Watercolor Text Using Photoshop.

How to add text to a PDF | Elegance & Enchantment

A quick tutorial on adding your own custom text to a PDF using Adobe Acrobat.

Fantastic Fonts & Where to Find Them | download all of the fonts here: http://platowebdesign.com/articles/fonts/

Fantastic Fonts & Where to Find Them

Fantastic Fonts and Where to Find them Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Business category. Check out Fantastic Fonts and Where to Find them now!

14 Favorite Dingbat Fonts

14 Favorite Dingbat Fonts

SANS SERIF   Alternate Gothic | AT Sackers Gothic | Avenir Next | Brandon Grotesque | Bree | Futura | Gill Sans | Gotham | Gotham Condensed |  Helvetica Neue | Intro Light | Letter Gothic | Me...

Sans Serif Sans Serif is the opposite of Serif, I remember this by saying that San Serifs as no tales. Sans Serif fonts are my preferred fonts, especially as some San Serif types gives a more modern feel and approach to work.

Love Bakes Good Cakes

20 Free Logos for Photographers is all about the beautiful simplicity, not the freebies. Good idea for a simple project.