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Apollo Roman statue - marble copy of Hellenistic original, circa 2nd century AD - at British Museum, London

This page includes a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions (FAQ of Hellenismos) regarding Hellenismos, the ancient Greek religion. It also states the general purpose of bringing the ancient Greek religion to the USA and elsewhere, presenting the Greek perspective unlike other similar websites whose creators do not have access to Greek teachers.

Athens, Temple of Apollo Patroos (Building)

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K5.7 APOLLON RIDING GRYPS (GRIFFIN) Museum Collection: Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria Catalogue Number: TBA Beazley Archive Number: TBA Ware: Attic Red Figure Shape: Kylix Painter: TBA Date: ca 380 BC Period: Late Classical / Early Hellenistic

Apollo Kaitharoidos from the late 1st century CE Roman copy of Hellenistic original

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