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Back Bend Tip #1: Here is a gentle flow to prepare the body for deeper backbends. I love flowing from a mini cobra into a deeper cobra, and then into locust pose. By starting with the foundation of a pose, you not only warm up the body, but build strength and stability that protects your body as you progress further into pose variations. How do you like to warm up for backbends? Let me know!!

Now back to my true love Pilates❤️! This is a non classical exercise #fitspo by @christymccabepilates ! She moves beautifully if you haven't seen her page. I'm calling it Waist Chinching Arm Pull because it does just that, Chinch your waist. Great for the lats and obliques and perfectly suitable for #pregnant ladies of all stages. I'm using 1 red spring and cannot wait to share this goodie with my clients this week!!! Happy Monday❤️ @poiseandstrengthpilates # #pilates


PiYo is a high-intensity, low-impact workout for a new kind of STRONG. 10 Reasons why you should give it a try!

I want to sleep next Ryan. I pray for it to happen millions of times a day everyday to, for us to get back together as friends, live together, realize we want&need eachother & then get married u_u <3<3<3 For us to get rid of depression and to live a great happy wonderful long loving awesome as ever life with each other. I pray&you pray. It's really me praying for my mirrored soul to return so I can finally be a happy woman again (only one who can & ever made me giddy too) I love Ry w/my…

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Try doing pilates outside the studio at least once a month. Great for community building or simply to get out of your comfort zone

I LOVE BLOGILATES! Easy and fun way to start working out. She has monthly calendars and videos to help you work out and whip you into shape!