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An early runestone: the Möjbro Runestone from Hagby (first placed near Möjebro), Uppland, Sweden. As with other early runic inscriptions, (e.g. Kylver Stone from about 300 - 400 CE) this is written from right to left, while later Runestones were written from left to right.[citation needed] The text is “Frawaradar anahaha is laginar”

Perhaps the oldest Viking rune stone found in Södermanland, the vertical rune lines and lack of ornamentation tell us that this stone's inscription is from the second half of the 900s. Originally found inside a burial mound in 1856, this stone had probabl

Ole Worm's depiction of the Hunnestad monuments before all but three were destroyed. Hunnestad in Marsvinsholm north-west of Ystad, Sweden

Viking Neck Torc Terminals by Urweg: 1) Urnes Dragon 2) Wolf 3) Cat 4) Raven