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secrets of perfect stamping) Condition your stamps: If you aren't happy with the quality of your stamped images, try going over the surface of your stamp with a large eraser in order to give your ink a little texture to grip to. This is especially

Salati, a 10-month-old leopard, and her best friend, golden retriever Tommy, like nothing more than to run amok before settling down for a friendly cuddle. The odd couple were reared together at Glen Afric Country Lodge near Pretoria in South Africa. As a cub Salati was much smaller than friendly Tommy, who weighs 18 lbs. But the fast-growing predator now packs a bigger punch at a hefty 40 lbs, more than twice the weight of her excitable dog friend.

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OK, Im out. Can. not. look. any additional pins @ present. After whats happened to me in the last 2 hours, this puppeh will help me sleep. Thank you to whomever started and to those whove kept it going. I may faint....oxox, HB By:Pinterest++ for iPad#

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