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Charlotte Mason's Own Narration of Christmas

We thought you might enjoy reading a portion of Charlotte Mason’s own written narration of the birth of Jesus Christ, composed in poetry form.

Charlotte Mason: It's for Boys Too

New Book: Laying Down the Rails for Yourself

Simply Charlotte Mason presents an exciting new book: Laying Down the Rails for Yourself: Good Habits Are Not Just for Kids!

Guided Discovery: The Power of Dictation, Part 3

Explaining the Charlotte Mason Method to Your Relatives

It can be difficult to explain the Charlotte Mason method to your relatives. Here are some tips to help you out this holiday season.

Finding the Best Fit: One CM Graduate's Next Step

Last week we talked a little about how a Charlotte Mason education works well with boys, sharing points from Doug and Karen Smith, who have graduated three boys from their CM home school. We thought some of you might also be interested in hearing about “the next step” for one of their boys.

Poetry Tea Time

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3 Little Words for Habit Training: Watchfulness

Once you are aware of habits, you start watching for them. In fact, Charlotte Mason believed that the mother’s watchfulness was an important factor in the habit-training process.

Reason 3: The Approach Is Balanced and Broad (6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method

The Charlotte Mason Method is like a beautiful garden: it contains a broad variety of subjects and a well-balanced approach.