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when i feel like taking a 2x4 to someone's head...

You know you are a runner when your immediate response to any conflict or problem life throws at you is: "I need to go for a run!" So true!

I think about this every time I run, I am so grateful to be able to run. One day I won't be able to...

just keep breathing: someone on the half marathon course this weekend held a sign that read “there will be a day when you can no longer do this, today is not that day!”, and I found it to be extremely motivational. I hope that day never comes!

Lol... so what crosses my mind every time a non-runner tries to "crack a joke".... wasn't even funny the first time people....

so what crosses my mind every time a non-runner tries to "crack a joke". wasn't even funny the first time people.

2013 Boston Marathon Tragedy: Run for Boston - Shape Magazine

Join SHAPE and Run for Boston

I ran my grudge run for Boston. I cried. It was one of my most emotional runs. NPR was talking about how this event deeply impacted runners, even runners who did not attend the BM. It felt good to be validated.

This really doesn't seem like the right attitude. There are ways to avoid black toenails when running!

Bahaha, that's so me right now lol. My ugly toes are my trophies of hard work.

Too funny.. I say it all the time!! It's only 3.1 miles :))  5k

Haha So True! So hard to convince them to run with me. My friend said , "Oh no it's okay.