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Writing Aid,Writing Ideas,Writing Prompts,Braces I'M,Funny Refs,My Twisted Humor,Bookworm Problems,Laugh Worthy,Funny Qoutes

Learn the exact system I use to outline and plot all of my stories. Using the techniques I'm about to teach you, I was able to plot, write, and edit a new book in 2 months that beat out 1,800 other books in a top writing competition!

So very painfully accurate. I read my own writing so much that sometimes I never want to see it again.

((Open RP? I'm a girl villain. Be the guy super hero roommate?)) I walk into my dorm, looking over at Chase. He was pacing. He looked up at me and sighed, walking over to me and pulling me into a hug. "Dear god Ariana, you scared me." "I'm sorry," I say, hugging back. He pulled away, looking at the bruises and cuts that covered my arms and spots of my face. "How did you get these?" He asked. "I, um, tripped." I lied.

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