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I completely believe in this process, it's the only way to go! I am a thinker but when it comes decisions I will make them and deal with whatever comes next as I go. If you do it the other way round you limit your opportunities and inhibit your spirit.

Death is nothing more than a change of worlds.

Emma and Killian - 6 * 3 "The Other Shoe" #CaptainSwan

Simon Says Stamp Magical Christmas stamps and dies. Holiday Release 2016 Believe in the Season. Card by Wanda Guess. Bear, plaid, buffalo check, retro, vintage Christmas

I want to tell everyone to f-off for not believing in Aelin. #EoS #ToG

This man changed my life. I love you zack Mahalo for believing in me. It's Odin and Mano time. ALOHA j

#INTP truths!!! Except the last one. We do try. Not always, but we try Hella hard when we want something or believe in it

In this episode, Marco seemed to like Jackie,as always,but why did he dress up like Oscar ( thing that Star would like) if Marco likes Jackie???I know that he might just think that all the girls like it ,but I really like Starco and that's why I pay so much attention to this!!!!! so ....Let me believe in my ship!!(Star vs The Forces Of Evil-Sleepover)

You're beautiful, each and every one of you. You're all unique and special in your own way. Don't listen to what other people tell you. For you're beautiful and special. Believe in yourself. Be YOU. If you do that, you'll be the most beautiful woman on earth. I guarantee it. ;-)