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I love how Lady Katherine has created this whimsicle little retreat in her garden. I can totally imagine sitting in my future garden, the smell of roses filling the air, as I enjoy a cup of afternoon tea.

hy would anyone pay $500 for a rusty piece of barbed wire? Well, if the 18-inch long specimen, or cut, is the only known example of the Thomas J. Barnes patent of 1907 (shown above), some folks might pay even more than that. In fact, for collectors of barbed wire, or barbwire as it’s also called, the past few years have been a veritable rust rush, as choice examples of rare wire that have been squirreled away for decades are entering the market.

Forrest Fenn (the real-life Indiana Jones) stages treasure hunt

London/Melbourne-based artist and filmmaker Callum Cooper (I think he has the best artist home page in the history of time, some of you will get vertigo) creates bizarre sculptures with embedded cameras meant to capture video from pretty astounding angles. His Full Circle piece creates the illusion of a jumprope that shifts space and time on every jump.