James Moriarty, Sherlock (TV series) --- nemesis of Sherlock Holmes; known for insanity, an unhealthy obsession with Sherlock, and a peculiar love for the BeeGees' song "Stayin' Alive". Yes, he's mad, but even so, incredibly intelligent. He hires some of the best to work for him, but oddly enough, ends up taking his own life to ensure Sherlock takes his. Of course, Moriarty's plan is so much more complicated than that, but it's just not fair to spoil all the fun for those who have yet to see…

About this T-Shirt The dominatrix who (almost) brought a nation to its knees. BBC Sherlock © BBC, Steven Moffat an Mark Gatiss Design © me NEW! actual pictures of people wearing it: ⇓ Show more

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