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One of the many beautiful Native birds which come to feed in Starry's yard! So cute! I think it is a cockatoo~

Is this not gorgeous? I love it and want to see all of these places! Starry reports, "The reef and rock pools were a little rough today... I didn't paddle, and I didn't look for shells!" ~ I would have Starry! lol

One day Starry and I will sit on this bench together! The boardwalk out to an observation deck at the lake.

A beautiful tall white bird of some kind~maybe an Egret? Starry says, "I got one shot of this bird before my slapping mosquitos scared it away... it flew far too far away to zoom in on."

Safety Bay, Rockingham... this is a lovely beach but in an urban area... wait 'til I show you down south! I can hardly wait Starry! :)

This pretty bird is eating from Starry's feeder! I can't even imagine having these special birds fly wild in my yard!