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The braided headband! Separate so there's a straight line, French braid one side (only take hair from the side closest to your face) and stop at the middle (braid the rest of the hair normally and tie with an elastic). Do the other side the same way. Style the rest of your hair (tie it back, curl it, straighten it, ect). Then take the braids, twist them so they're on the opposite sides of your head and pin them. TIP: try to pin them so you can't see the bobby pins. Spray with hairspray…

Instead of wearing a messy bun you can jazz it up a little. First put your hair in a high ponytail, then french braid it, wrap it around, bobby pin the end and all around. You can also add a cute headband

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Straightforward Hairstyles For Long Hair In the face of misery Still not very sure about the editing. I wanted it a bit lighter but it seems I cannot make it good enough :/ Suggestions anyone? This is a pic of myself I love very much. My bf took it in a field a few kilometers from home. I really need to get back there its a very cool location Straightforward Hairstyles For Long Hair Most women get pleasure from having lengthy hair because they will do virtually any coiffure that is…

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Lily Collins Bobby Pinned Updo

Lily Collins Bobby Pinned Updo - To duplicate Lily Collins' look, begin by sectioning out bangs, then backcomb the hair, especially through the crown. Next, throw on a slim headband and smooth tresses back to the nape of the neck. Twist hair vertically to create a low French twist and secure by inserting bobby pins horizontally into the twist, next to the scalp. To finish the look, sweep bangs across the forehead and mist with hairspray.

Easy & cute French braid. Start by the right ear and braid across like a headband. Continue the French braid to the other ear then finish with a regular braid separately and tie at the end. Gather the rest of the hair into a ponytail. Bring braid back and twist around ponytail holder and secure with bobby pin.

braided headband/bun. How to:divide your hair into 2 sections, a middle section, and a section all around your head. put the middle section into a ponytail, preferrably a small one. spread your hair all around your head like a curtain. French braid the hair around your head starting at your left ear. continue all the way around. your head and when you get to the end, tie it up with a small tie. tuck the end into the beginning then use bobby pins to hold it in and fix it up.

So I have a "long Aline" haircut or a "bob" except it's longer in the front anyways see you can still do an updo with short hair I just French braided the top from right to left to look like a headband and pinned it behind my ear to stay, and then, teased the crown and bobby pinned to look bigger then I twisted the bottom and again pinned it I twisted it from right to left and made a tiny bun where the braid ended, and wahla I like it

For this style start by curling your hair with mermaid curls, then softly start a French braid and pin in place with bobby pins. Arrange the curls to hide the pins and add a headband. Thanks to Camilla Binks Photography for this picture.