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Play Graphing Battleship

Play Graphing Battleship Being able to plot points correctly on a graph is an important skill for algebra and geometry students. You can help your child with this difficult concept by making it into a fun game! This game, modeled after the classic game of “Battleship,” will help your child practice the concept of ordered pairs.

I had my 6th graders play Battleship to help them learn plotting points on a graph. They loved it!

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Angle Relationships Foldable

This Angle Relationships foldable activity would be perfect for my 7th grade math, 8th grade math, or Geometry students to help learn and review the different types of angles : Complementary Angles, Supplementary Angles, Adjacent Angles, Vertical Angles, and Linear Pairs! My Math & Geometry students always love doing foldables for notes.

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Multiply Binomials Activity Sheet

Apply the rectangular array to algebra (algebra 2, grades 7-10) Free activity sheets. (official suggestion - unofficial agreement; official news - unofficial tommorow; official today - unofficial yesterday.) BootsTrap - find ur brain by urself.

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Plotting Points - Coordinate Graphing Math Game

You Sunk My Ship is a coordinate graphing game similar to Battleship. Your students can have the fun of playing a strategic game while practicing their math skills. Packet includes: Student directions 2 different versions of the game - Quadrant I and Quadrants I - IV Teacher directions 2 different versions of mini quiz - Quadrant I and Quadrants I - IV Picture of set up Common Core Standards: 5.G.1, 6.NS.6b, 6.NS.6c