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The chicken moat provides a clean edge around the garden, keeping down the migration of unwanted grasses, weeds and insects into our plot.

10 Awesome DIY Chicken Coop Designs. A collection of 10 free plans but these are not your usual bog standard chicken coop plans They are awesome designs.

What an absolutely fantastic way to secure your hardware cloth! In very cold climates you would want to use metal washers, not plastic ones, because the plastic will get brittle and break easily in the cold.

Chicken moat around veggie garden. Pest and weed control, deters deer and predators. I am so doing this on our property.

Have the chicken runs extend around the garden, that way they eat the bugs and their feces is fertilizer!

Train A Chicken To Use A Harness

How and When to Give a Chicken a Bath

How and When to Give a Chicken a Bath - it looks like my (Fat) Amy, not (Fat) Patty(Patricia) will be getting a bath real soon.