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I <3 Mesh - Ankle Bow Ties

What is Second Life? | Second Life using Second Life: a scavenger hunt of times that fulfill educational tasks students assign to themselves an exploration of Greek/Roman architecture explore five places being studied in their classes (art museums, Sistene Chapel, inside of a computer) using a ‘sandbox’ to create a 3D object, test it and share it walk in someone else’s shoes, maybe someone with a debilitating illness like schizophrenia

Artist Gives Plants A Second Life By Creating Elegant Floral “Paintings” | DeMilked - Poland-based Elżbieta Wodała creates elegant “paintings” by gluing together different kinds of dried seeds, leaves, petals and other plant parts she collects in parks, gardens, forests and meadows.♥♥♥AWESOME♥♥♥

Second Life for a Chippy ChairSome pallet boards, furring strips and the legs of that gloriously chippy chair and created this:

Au Fabric nous aimons créer de nouvelles ambiances en donnant une seconde vie à des meubles, comme ici cet ancien meuble de mercerie ! //Here at the Fabric we like to create new ambiance by giving a second life to historic furnitures. #hotel #hotelfabric #hotelparis #paris #paris11 #deco #decoration #design

Last summer I shared a space we created out of doors on our patio HERE . In this post I shared, for the first time, a gorgeous and perfec...

Shabby Love: Second Life for a Chippy Chair

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